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commercial litigation attorney miami

Commercial, Business and Real Estate Litigation in Aventura, Florida

Commercial litigation can often be complex and all litigation involves a level of unavoidable uncertainty. In order to maximize the probability of a favorable outcome and minimize the inherent risk of litigation, competent and experienced counsel is a necessity. Rosenthal Rosenthal Rasco, litigation lawyers, provide the decisive edge their clients need to become prevailing parties. The Firm’s Business and Real Estate Litigation department from provides creative solutions to complex issues faced by litigants embroiled in business and real property disputes. Our commercial litigation lawyers team in Aventura, Florida has many diverse past and present clients include real estate developers, entrepreneurs, corporations, banks, brokerage firms, and individual buyers and sellers of real estate. We, therefore, possess a wealth of experience in navigating elaborate statutory frameworks and contractual provisions to obtain the desired result.

Experience is but one of the advantages Rosenthal Rosenthal Rasco commercial real estate litigation attorneys and business litigation attorneys offer our clients. In high-stakes commercial and real estate litigation, more is needed to provide the highest caliber of representation. We pride ourselves in combining formidable courtroom skills with diligent legal research, persuasive writing, attention to detail, and preparedness. Arguing before a judge or jury is only part of the equation – winning strategies must first be formed and cultivated before victory can be achieved in court. To this end, the Firm’s litigation attorneys from Aventura, FL tirelessly employ every modern research tool available to the legal profession to find the case law, statutes, regulations and guidelines needed to support our clients’ positions. Where preparation can very well be half the battle, this firm has the support and structure in place to lay the foundation necessary to facilitate victory in the courtroom.

Miami-Dade County attorneys concentrate their state and federal litigation practice in the following areas, at both the trial and appellate levels: business disputes, contract claims, real estate litigation, landlord/tenant matters, brokerage disputes, condominium litigation, probate and guardianship litigation, class actions, banking litigation, arbitration consumer protection and collections.

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commercial litigation attorney miami